An interview with Pondweed

caisieWhere do you come from?

pondweedI come from Southern Africa, but I am now invasive to mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland.

caisieHow did you get here?

pondweedI was brought into Europe by the horticultural trade, but now that I have travelled from my continent I can get around easily on anglers equipment, on boat propellers and boat trailers. For added fun I like to escape from garden ponds and aquariums and flow down through streams, to new habitats.

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Who are CAISIE?

As every day passes by Invasive alien species are running, swimming or lingering around under our noses, going undetected, blending into the background and slowly creating chaos for our native species.

CAISIE stands for The Control of Aquatic Invasive Species and Restoration of Natural Communities in Ireland. The CAISIE team is made up of a Senior Scientist, Project Manager, 2 Research Officers and a Research Assistant.

This 4 year EU funded project commenced in September 2009. The broad objective of the project is to contribute to the halting of biodiversity loss in Ireland by preventing further impacts on native biodiversity from high impact aquatic invasive species. The team will develop and demonstrate effective control methods, and also aim raise levels of awareness throughout the country.

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Science week at Galway Aquarium

Some of the invasive species on display

Some invasive species

On Sunday the 7th of November Galway Aquarium hosted a Family day with the Theme “Our Place in Space”, the aquarium was a hive of activity and a fun day out was had by all. The efforts made by the Aquarium made it into the Irish times, the article can be seen on the link below:… …224282866155.html

CASIE displayed a range of Alien Invasive species.

  • Chinese Mitten Crab
  • Zebra Mussels
  • African Curley Pondweed
  • Giant Rhubarb
  • New Zealand Pigmyweed
  • Asian Clams

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Something Fishy

More fishy workbooks and activities are available at the Something Fishy website –

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