Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is asking all water users to report any new sightings of Lagarosiphon major in Lough Corrib to, or by using the new IFI Invasive Species Smartphone App.  This highly invasive aquatic weed is present at over 160 sites in the lake with its most southerly known occurrence recorded in Annaghdown Bay in April 2012.  No Lagarosiphon major has been found in the vulnerable lower lake to date. The shallow character of this area makes it highly amendable to invasion. A large submerged weed infestation here could exacerbate future flooding events in the Corrib catchment by restricting the normal drainage of water through the system. In addition, it would degrade the current high ecological status of the water body negatively affecting indigenous plant, invertebrate and fish communities.  At this time of year the aquatic weed typically forms buoyant canopies that can often be seen on the water surface, especially on a calm day. Any reports of new sightings received will be verified by IFI. Most importantly, such information may facilitate a ‘rapid reaction’ response to quickly control this highly invasive aquatic weed before it becomes further established. The current distribution of Lagarosiphon major in Lough Corrib can be found below.

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