A fun day was had by all at the opening of Fisheries Awareness Week 2011 held at Inland Fisheries Ireland, Earls Island, Galway city on Saturday the 7th of May. The CAISIE team had a range of Aquatic Invasive’s on display.  The event hosted fly tiers, fly anglers and some fly casting, Galway aquarium and [...]

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admin on May 10th, 2011
Bison-Land and Caisie

On a recent visit to north-eastern Poland in March 2011, Dr Michael Millane of CAISIE had the impromptu opportunity to visit two innovative EU Life funded projects coordinated by the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences based in Białowieża National Park.  The BISON-LAND project, completed in 2010, involved European bison conservation in [...]

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Invasive Species Alert! Notification to lake users in Lough Corrib
The highly invasive curly-leaved waterweed Lagarosiphon major is now present at 160 sites throughout the upper and midde lakes of Lough Corrib. The weed typically inhabits water which is less than 5 metres in depth. The most southerly known occurrence of Lagarosiphon major weed in [...]

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Recent collapse of erect Lagarosiphon major canopy at Ard Point in Lough Corrib in April 2011.
The extensive canopies of Lagarosiphon major evident on the water surface throughout the autumn to spring period are now beginning to subside and collapse to the lake floor smothering the surrounding native keystone Charophyte habitat.  The aeriel roots of this [...]

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