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Curly leaved waterweed (Lagarosiphon major)

This submerged rooted plant grows in water up to 5 metres deep. It is sold by garden centres, aquarists and DIY stores throughout the country. Horticulturalists and landscape gardeners also use it as an oxygenating plant in artificial watercourses. It has recently been located in Lough Corrib, where it grows with [...]

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admin on January 28th, 2010
Big chill, 07th January 2010.  Scene from the lower lake outside the CAISIE base as Lough Corrib continues to experience its longest coldest snap since the early 1960s.  Extensive areas of the lake have now completely frozen over.

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Some of the most worrying species of invasives in Ireland are aquatic plants. In many cases the plant fills an empty niche and then expands rapidly and competes for additional niches. Oftentimes the native species are ousted and the ecology of the waterway can be changed dramatically.
This can lead to waterways becoming completely choked by [...]

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Invasive species have often threatened the viability of the Barrow Navigation as a navigable waterway. Fairy fern, or Azolla, has been know to reach such density in short periods that it has impeded the passage of boats. Thankfully this particular species died off spontaneously, prehaps due to grazing by native aquatic beetles.

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Invasive aquatic plants in the Grand Canal have a negative impact on the recreatition resource this aterway provides. Many species grow at alarming rates necessitating the use of specialised weeb cutting boats and other measures to remove or control them.

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As most of the fish in Ireland were introduced by man throughout the history of the country many fish species could be regarded as invasive. Those which are well established are considered to be naturalised species having reached some sort of equilibrium in the environment.
Those fish which are still considered invasive species due to their [...]

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Lough Corrib is a large limestone lake in the west of Ireland. It has recently become home to Lagarosiphon major and Zebra Mussels. These invasive aquatic species have caused considerable changes to the ecology of the lake.

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